Vacation Together to tour the HarbourFront Singapore

Harbourfront is the site of the Ocean Gate tour right when you cruise from Singapore. You can take the ferry to surround around the region, or simply want to shop, eat, and relax.
HarbourFront Singapore

The location where this tour at 81 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore. You can reach this place riding the MRT train HarbourFront. When Telok Blangah area, you can see the towering cable car headed to Sentosa at HarbourFront you can also enjoy views of the sky Singapore 360 degrees.

Harbourfront is a bustling port that is open to the public, where you can eat while enjoying views of the waterfront and Lake of Sentosa Island. You can also shop at Vivo City, Singapore's largest mall and HarbourFront Centre.

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