Vacation to Tour Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Singapore

Chinese and Japanese gardens located at 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore tourist attractions it is located above the two islets of Jurong Lake.
Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Singapore

To the location of these sights, you can ride the MRT green line (East West Line) and get off at the station of the Chinese Garden. From the front of the station there was already a line leading to the gates of the Chinese Garden. The Park can be reached from the pedestrian bridge and United by a bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty.

Japan represents a traditional theme park design garden Japan. Chinese garden represents the Royal Garden style that combines striking coloured buildings with their surroundings.

You can visit both the sights and enjoy the beauty of the culture of both. Hours open from 06.00-23.00 local time. Admission is free except for the entrance to the Garden of Abundance, S $2 will be charged for adult and S $1 for children.

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