Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Japan

Not many of the attractions in the shape of the fish market. The impression of less higienisnya, making the market appear less allure as a tourist attraction. However, remember you are in Japan. The country had a responsibility and consciousness is very good about kehigienisan.
Tsukiji Fish Market Japan

Located in the District of Chuo, Tsukiji fish market is not the place of the usual fish auction. Here you can try fresh fish directly, some of which will be processed into sushi. Recorded, 87 percent of the process of buying and selling fish in the whole of Japan, done in this market.

Auction activity usually begins at 3 in the morning. Furthermore, around 7 am, the results of the auction will be brought to the shop each, around the complex market. So, if you're interested in watching the auction process, you can come sepagi possible. However, if you just want to taste fresh fish, lots of restaurants around the market that you frequent.

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