Tourism the Merlion Park (Mermaid and Lion) Singapore

Merlion statue of was at 1 Fullerton Rd, Singapore Merlion Park attractions, namely a public park which can be accessed by anyone. You can access the Merlion Park from the nearest MRT station from this location i.e. Raffles Place.
the Merlion Park (Mermaid and Lion) Singapore

After that you walk down the Singapore River towards Fullerton Hotel. From here the live cross the street toward the building inscribed with "One Fullerton." Well, the Merlion Statue is right next to the building.

Merlion statue of a mermaid-shaped with this lion's head, is considered an icon of the country's most famous Singapore. Therefore it could be said, you haven't been to Singapore when it has yet to take pictures with the background of this statue.

Moreover, the time of night, the scenery and the atmosphere is more interesting, with a sparkling light illuminated. You can take pictures or photo selfie flock here for free. To photograph selfie and into the sights of Merlion Park is free, because it is in the form of a garden open to the public at any time.

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