St. Andrew's Cathedral: historic buildings of Christians

The Church of St. Andrew's Cathedral is located at 11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore has its own attractiveness as a place for religious tourism. The location of the Cathedral Church is not far from City Hall MRT Station. So it's not difficult for you to reach your location.
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore

Highly recommended for those of you who are interested to see the sights of the ancient buildings in Singapore, visiting the Church of St. Andrew's Cathedral. This church was the first church and the largest in Singapore since October 1, 1861

Since 1973 the church became one of the national monuments of Singapore. So when You're this attractions area, don't miss the peak Tower of St Andrew's Cathedral is magnificent.

You can take a walk around the Church and can enter into, without the need to pay. Visit the sights form the Cathedral was during business hours i.e.
Monday to Saturday, 09.00-17.00. Guided tours are available, but with prior notice.

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