Shuri Castle Jember Tourism

Shuri Castle is one of the world heritage site. In the past, Shuri was the capital of the Ryūkyū Kingdom. After Okinawa Prefecture became Japan in 1879, Shuri ever changing function.

Shuri Castle

The current building is a reconstruction in the year 1992. Journey to the center of the Fort, across some of the gates, including the famous Shureimon gate.

Shuri Castle is accessible in the 15-20 minutes on foot from the station of Shuri. Can also ride the bus number 7 or 8, and get off at the Shurijo-mae. This castle can be visited starting at 8.30 a.m. until 7 p.m., with ticket prices ¥820. Every Wednesday and Thursday, the first in July, kastel will not serve visitors.

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