Shukkeien Garden Tours Japan

Shukkeien Garden is a miniature display that combines the full Valley, mountains, and forests. This landscape you can enjoy on foot for 15 minutes from Hiroshima Station. A few steps from Shukkeien-mae tram stop.

Shukkeien Garden

Shukkeien has a long history, beginning in 1620, shortly with the completion of the Hiroshima Castle. Many traditional cultures shown in the aesthetic features around the Park. There are also a number of tea houses (chaya) which offers impressive views to you.

A vacation to the park entrance fee requires only a number of ¥260. During the new year's Eve, between the dates of December 29-31, it does not operate. In addition to these dates, Shukkeien Garden is always open for you, with business hours at 9:00-18:00 (April to September) and at 9:00-17:00 (October to March).

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