River Safari Wildlife Park: a unique Animal Awaits

River Safari Wildlife Park became one of the tourist attractions that are suitable for children and families. Zoo and aquarium themed with the river you can find among the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. You can reach this location with MRT ride down in Ang Mo Kio, exit C then continue by bus number 138.
River Safari Wildlife Park Singapore

In this attraction attractions you will also feel the unique experience of watching the animals such as the red panda, anakonda, American beavers, giant catfish, Chinese alligator, giant Gecko, the intricacies of electricity and much more.

Down the River with boating, while watching the unique animals along the way, became the primary entertainment at these sights. Animals from around the world as from the Nile, Amazon, Yangtze, and Mississipi are gathered here.

Imagine there are 300 species consists of 5000 animals exist in the River Safari Wildlife Park. The price of admission River Safari Wildlife Park that is S $25 for adult visitors, visitor S $16 for children, as well as S $12.5 for elderly visitors.

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