Okunoto Tour Salt Farm Village Japan

On vacation more enjoyable when you can get a new experience. For example, learning to recognize the salt processing in Okunoto Village. The location of the village of 1-58-1 located in Shimizu-machi, town of Suzu, Ishikawa.

Okunoto Salt Farm Village

The technique of making salt in Okunoto Village, called Agehama Style. The technique has been introduced since the Edo period and continue to be passed on, for the past 500 years, until the modern era. One of his successors was the family of Kakuhana, who has continued the Agehama Style up to the fifth generation.

You can come to the village of Okunoto every day, from 9.00 to 16.30, in the period 1 May-30 September. Enough to contribute a certain amount of ¥ 100-200, you've got valuable experience from engineering the pride of the villagers. To reach the village location, you simply walk away for 2 minutes from bus stop Okunoto Kanko Kaihatsu Shimizu.

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