Myoryuji Temple Ninja Tour Japan

The hallmark of a Japan that is not possible You forget, of course, not be separated from the figure of Ninja. Myoryuji Temple Ninja, you can find an ingenious stratagem-stratagem of the lives of the Ninja, passing a number of traps they create.

Myoryuji Ninja Temple

In ancient times, the Myoryuji Temple is hiding place Maeda Toshitsune. He was a ruler of the Kaga clan, who often hunted the enemy. You can see your own various stratagem Maeda, a tour guide-led Chamber.

Myoryuji Temple is located in the District of Ninja Teramachi, Kanazawa. By paying the entrance fee a number of ¥1000, you can feel the life of a Ninja from 9 am until 4.30 pm. The best accommodations to achieve Myoryuji Temple is to drive the Bus Loop of Kanazawa.

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