Kifune Shrine Japan Tour

Kifune shrine is located in the District of Kibune, a wooded valley at the side of the mountain ranges North of Kyoto. The district is connected with the city center of Kyoto, through Eizan Railway. With the Eizan Kurama Line which crosses the Eizan Railway, you can reach the location of the temple. It is only a 20-minute walk from Kibune-guchi stops.

Kifune Shrine

In General, the temple building separated into 3 pavilions. The first building is the Honguu, which was rebuilt in the year 2007. The second building, Nakamiya, which is about 600 metres away. Here you will obtain unique luck predictions in a piece of paper (omikuji). His final, a shrine that is original, you will find 400 meters to the North. The building is named Okumiya.

The best time to Kifune Shrine is between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm. There is no fee you need to remove it while visiting. Simply look them up just Temple operational schedule differences during the winter until spring, and the summer period until the fall. Usually in the winter until the spring, the Temple will close 1 hour faster.

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