Holiday Fun to Tour Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa Island Tour is a different island from the island of Singapore. Here there are many means of entertainment, among others, beaches, shopping centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, a golf course, a casino, and as the Centre of culinary.
Sentosa Island Singapore

Access to Sentosa Island tourist spots can be via cable car (Sentosa Skyride) by paying approximately 300 thousand rupiah. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore from the cable cars.

You can also reach the Sentosa Island is more easily climbed the Sentosa Express monorail and continued with the bus ride. But you can't enjoy the moment enjoying the view of Singapore from the top of the stunning cable car.

Its opening time depending on the diverse attractions, as well as the entry of the ticket depends on the means of transport you use to get there.
One of the island's famous entertainment there is Universal Studios, an entertainment park where you can feel the atmosphere of Hollywood Boulevard years 1970-90s. Time open Monday-Sunday at 10.00-21.00 (Monday-Sunday). The entrance ticket price is S $74 (adult), S $54 (children).

After playing at Universal Studios Singapore, you can visit the Beach View of Sentosa, for the Wings of Time. A show special effects fountains, laser beams, and a spectacular fireworks display.

The show lasted for 20 minutes on Monday-Sunday at 19.40 and 20.40 and price S $18 entry ticket.

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