Holiday Fun to tour the Chijmes Singapore

Chijmes, is located in Central Singapore at 30 Victoria Street, Singapore, where this tour is actually a neo classical gothic-style building with soaring ceilings and high colorful window.
Chijmes Singapore

You can reach the tourist attractions it MRT train ride EW, NS Line from City hall Station, walk 3 minutes. This historic building formerly used as a Catholic Church. Currently used as a dining spot is worth, you need to try. CHIJ said of CHIJMES stands for Convent of the Holy Jesus.

You can visit these sights at night, when the glittering lights illuminating the Chijmes. Cafes and bars serving a variety of food menu, let alone many event entertaining tourists here. Opening hours 9.30 am – 18:30 local time. Cost of meals charged of course depends on the restaurant or Cafe you choose.

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