Fuji Safari Park Japan Tour

Located at C 2255-27 Suyama, Susono, Shizuoka 410-1231, this safari park is the largest park and the largest in Japan. Dozens of species of wildlife, you can enjoy in the package tour bus. It costs ¥1500 with the duration of travel for 50 minutes.

Fuji Safari Park

In Fuji Safari Park, you can also feel the experience of riding a pony. See also horse racing tournament, which will be more festive with the kids. The Night Safari for a session, you can give it a try during the months of April to October, with a cost of ¥1800.

The best route towards Fuji Safari Park, which is using That Line or the JR Shinkansen from Tokyo station and that corresponds. Get off at station of Mishima, then continue on with the local bus that drove to the Fuji Safari Park. Total time on his journey around 90 minutes.

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