Family vacation to tour the Southern Islands, Singapore

You need a detox from the hectic life in Singapore? In the Southern Islands, does not designate anyone harass You, except one or ten cats prefer noisy.
Southern Islands, Singapore

This location can be reached by ferry a short distance from Marina South Pier paid about S $18, leading to the three islands of St. John's Island, Pulau Seringat, Lazarus and the island. Ferry Schedule varies depending on the situation.

You'll be lucky to get a feel for the warm sand Tickle sensation in between toes. The sound of soothing sounds of the waves that break down St John. On the island of these animals, you will see a Peacock that walked closer, solving the coconut and drink it ala soldiers, and peeking inside to the past.

You could momentarily forget the noise bingarnya the city of Singapore, visited the area of Kampong nuance, with many feral cats hanging around there. St. John's, Lazarus, and the third Island, Seringat connected like triplets, but has a distinct personality.

On the island of St John's you can enjoy the stylish atmosphere and leafy streets as well as the feel of the village suitable for picnic brings its own stock. While the beach that connects Seringat, Lazarus and dihampari soft white sand dazzling eyes. The pure white sand imported from Indonesia.

Takes 30-45 minutes to circumnavigate the island. Not a car that will be Your Horn, but Peacock. All roads and doors will lead you into the sea, amazing isn't it?

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