Cool vacation to tour the Ryogoku Kokugikan Japan

As a country where the birth of sumo, certainly You don't want to miss the experience of witnessing his own sumo matches in Japan. So, hurry go to Ryogoku Kokugikan, to complement the experience of watching sumo.
Ryogoku Kokugikan Japan

The stadium capacity reaches 1300 people, will be very busy in the implementation of the tournament. Complete schedule turnamennya information, you can get in the pamphlets near the main gate. Later pamphlets will also inform the ticket price you need to prepare.

The location of the Ryogoku Kokugikan you can find a 2-minute walk from Ryogoku Station, by JR Sobu Line. Can also be accessed with 5 minutes from Exit A4, Ryogoku Station, Toei Oedo Subway Line through.

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