Cool holiday Tour to Haji Lane Singapore

Attractions in Singapore is a most stylish Street in Singapore, that's the right word to describe the atmosphere at Haji Lane. Jalan Haji Lane is situated not far from the mosque of Sultan, in the Bugis. You can reach this location Bugis MRT train ride.
Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane is a small street just off Arab Street nyentrik and relaxed atmosphere. This very attractive small road is supported by the large number of graffiti that is found there. You can find Chinese shophouses that are over a hundred years.

The condition of the building is tidy and well maintained and colorfully painted. Some of the buildings there are also giant graffiti are visible. Building along jalan Haji Lane is used as a café, bar, restaurant and small local boutiques Singapore.

Many tourists choose to visit these sights on an evening at dusk when the Cafe opens. You can also take pictures selfie and continued with a kulineri that can be found easily. The cost for the streets here of course depends from the Cafe and the menu you choose.

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